(702) 836-6606
Minimum Age:
Poker Tables:
5 Tables
Opens 10:30 AM
  • Circus Circus Las Vegas
McMofo wrote a review about Circus Circus LV in Las Vegas, NV

Fish Tank with no room to move

The room was terrible with no room to move. If your stuck in the corner next to the glass and wall, good luck getting any drink service. And if you need to get up frequently to let off some steam, you'll be rubbing your butt or crotch into some faces. And no real poker cage. There sign in desk is their poker cage.

Alot of newbies playing bingo. So just wait for a premium hand and you will get paid off by at least 1 or 2 people. If you got the stone cold nuts, don't slow play, jam the pot, cause no one will fold.

Not very personable, just there to deal. But efficient.

Probably one person servicing the poker room. And doesn't come by frequently.

Nothing special.

no idea, didn't stay their long to make it worth my while.

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