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TheCaptain wrote a review about Circus Circus LV in Las Vegas, NV

Not quite the dregs but far from high rollin'

Circus Circus is an affordable property aimed at the family income. You get a lot of dads getting away from the wife and kids, some businessmen staying there for a convention maybe, the occassional younger player staying at the hotel because it's cheap and on the strip, and on a smattering of locals, and that's during the week. They seem to only spread 1-2 NL with an occassional sit 'n go or mini-tourney, small buy-in.

Train wrecks and inexperienced players galore. On the weekends there are a lot of first timers graduating from home games.

A bit amatuerish, they had to be corrected by players more than once, they didn't always seem engaged and were a bit lethargic. I know the player stock doesn't help with that but I've got to rate them below average compared to other medium to low end Strip properties, even those in the area, the old school joints like Riviera and Stardust (before it closed).

Circus Circus is shocking ghetto in its cocktail selection. They don't carry 'high end' liquors like Southern Comfort or Jack Daniels, they carry a brand X equivalent. Also, players at my table were drinking Corona and a Circus Circus cocktail waitress actually uttered the phrase "we're out of limes" in response to a request from one of the Corona drinkers. Unhappy fish do not make for a good poker environment.

They seem like old timers who don't want the stress of a high volume room and are more than content to preside over the novice action at this room, but they know the rules and will enforce them correctly.

Don't know didn't ask, I assume they are on the MGM card now which probably means a buck an hour toward a food comp. Might be worth checking into this if you're gonna log 20 or more hours here because if it applies to the Steak House (one of the best and most affordable in the city), so that might be an incentive for playing here as opposed to some of the other casinos in the area.

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