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WayneBullet wrote a review about Circus Circus LV in Las Vegas, NV

I had a great time here. I was very surprised.

The room is nothing special. Pretty small, but they don't have a lot of players there. I had a blast. I would not have been here but I got a great deal on a room here. My buddy wanted to go to bed, I was not ready. So, I went to the poker room. I would up sitting there for 4 hours the 1st night and 5 hours the 2nd.

There were a few locals here. I am not sure how they can keep coming back though. They were nothing great for competition. Then the tourist were flat out crazy. One guy when I showed up had almost half the table filled with chips. I swear in an hour he was all in. This is a $3-6 table. I say he went through about $500 in an hour. Most of the people were a blast though.

There were a couple of great dealers. 1 in particular was very edgy and not real fun to sit with. There were 3 others that made it very fun. I played the night shift.

I only had a few drinks. I can't complain.

There was one issuse where a guy made a call on the river. The other guy showed his hand and had the other guy. The guy who lost mucked his cards. Somebody not involved in the hand asked to see the mucked cards. The dealer said no. Management said no. The guy later not involved in the hand called the loser stupid. Management threatened to kick out the guy not involved in the hand. I thought it was handled pretty well.

No issue for me. I didn't ask for anything so I don't expect anything.

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