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22 Tables
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photoc wrote a review about Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, NV

Follow Up Review

This is still one of the nicest poker rooms that I've been in. Same as my last review

Most are old local NIT NIT NIT rock calling stations. There were a few younger loose aggressives this last time as well. They're all there just to chase jackpots.

Most are pretty good, not too talkative though. There are a few really good dealers here and a few that are just plain terrible.

Best service in the city. Servers are attractive and there is a bar located in the poker room.

Management has gotten better. List keeping was done in a more professional and timely manner. No skipping of names and stuff like that this time.

First, I HATE bad beat jackpots. They attract the local nits like you wouldn't believe. But,they give $1/hr on a players card towards food only. No cookies or sandwiches like other joints in town.

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