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ryphi wrote a review about Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, NV

weak 2-4 players

The cup holders kept coming out of the table.

The 2-4 game was so bad. These old people who play during the day are terrible. I made 45 bucks in 30 minutes. I should have stayed there but moved to 1-2 no limit. I caught a pair of kings on the BB and raised to 15 bucks with 4 callers prior to that. I got two callers afterwards and the flop came 7h,9h,10c. I raised to 30 and someone reraised to 60. I hadn't seen him much but thought he was bluffing. I was wrong when I went all in for 120 bucks he turned over a pair of tens. Christ, the guy only called for 2 bucks in early position and that is what he had? That sucked.

One dealer wasn't even checking when a guy called someone's bet. We had to remind him the bet was 17 not 12.

no real problem there.

Typical Station Casino stuff.

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