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TheCaptain wrote a review about Hooters in Las Vegas, NV

Rednecks abound

It is small and feels like an afterthought, but it's only a below average rating because of size and the general fact that it seems like an amateurish operation. The dealers and staff seem like beginners, but I can tolerate that. Not every poker room is the Venetian or Caesar's. Given that Hooter's is an affordable off-Strip property, this room isn't that bad.

The worst players I've seen yet in Vegas. I mean, fish city. The vast majority of players seemed new to casino poker, recent graduates from home games. And the clientele is Hooter's all the way. I'm talking rednecks with thick accents who talk about Nascar. I'd say a lower average IQ and less college graduates than most hotels in Vegas. They are friendly folks - a bit more racist and misogynistic than even the average poker table - but friendly and traditional Southern people drinking and gambling. No, not player poker, gambling.

Sloppy and not as authoritative as they should be as a rule. The game really creeps because, like I said, these are good ol' boys, they like to talk during the hand, toss the bull, chat up the waitresses, slap their buddy on the back and talk about how all their money will be going to the strip club later anyway. But it's the dealers' responsibility to make sure the game flows smoothly, and that, drunk or not, people follow the rules of the game. ie: People should be chided for folding out of turn, discussing the hand if they are out of the action, two players to a hand being discouraged, etc.

The staff seemed to make regular stops and they are Hooters Girls, if that means anything to you. The notion of Hooters Girls in Vegas doesn't make much sense to me, since the cocktail waitresses at pretty much every property are dressed scantily, but for some people that orange and white color scheme and Dukes of Hazzard ambiance do it for 'em I guess.

They smiled and were friendly enough, but seemed under-experienced.

I didn't ask, I'm guessing the typical dollar an hour comp is available if you have a players' card.

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