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TheCaptain wrote a review about Sam's Town Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Local hangout for old-timers and cowpokers.

I'm actually going with a good here. I have my complaints about Sam's Town but the tables and chips are good enough for me, there's a number of intriguing drinks avaiable (ask for the cherry 7-up, comes with a real cherry) and there's a nearby snack bar and you're close to the book. They have nightly tourneys Th-Su that are pretty affordable.

Tight as all @#$%, especially the low limit games. Locals hanging around trying to hit a jackpot. You can play comfortably with one or two hundred dollars in checks. The players are generally older and lots of 'em speak with a drawl.

Friendly and communicative, no complaints.

Service is OK, but in terms of the ladies - this ain't the strip. As said above, try the Cherry 7-up. They also have good hot beverages here, if I remember correctly.

Small room with few difficulties but the management has always been cordial and effective, quick to get you in a game, every time I've been here.

I'll say good even though I really don't go for the comps. You can get food comps or you get a jacket if you play 80 hours in a month or something. They've been doing this thing recently with their tourneys, awarding points towards a World Series seat. They have some sort of thing where if there's a high hand, the next hand they throw a rack of a hundred bucks in the middle of the table for the next hand, that was pretty cool. And there is a jackpot, for Hold em, Stud and Omaha, which is spread on occasion.

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