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YoungGun wrote a review about Bill's in Las Vegas, NV

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The room was a bit below average. I'll put it this way; The weekly home game in my garage is better than this room. There was very little space between tables (which btw there was only about 5 tables) and the tables weren't even real felt. I'll have to agree with another review that they're just like a printed foam. Also, the room is shared with the sportsbook and is only roped off for separation. The only good thing about that is you can pay attention to the games ;) with the great amount of TV's throughout the room. The bad thing is that it can be a distraction. The overall atmosphere was decent enough. The only con for me is that the room is just beside the crap/roulette tables, which means you're going to hear a decent amount of public excitement.

I'm no newbie to the poker world as I make my living grinding it out at various casinos, but going to Bills on a Saturday night at midnight I expected to play a lot of drunken fish. However, that wasn't necessarily the case. There were a few guys from out of town spewing their chips away, but the majority of the players (at the .50/1.00 NLHE) were local sharks. I expected to at least double up within the first 3hrs, but it took nearly 7hrs. Maybe I was there on a bad night??

The dealers were some of the best that I've played with. They were very much so engaged in conversation with the players, and were very professional about rules/policies etc. Very friendly dealers!

The cocktail waitresses were attractive, on time, and precise! She would come by every 10 minutes with CORRECT orders until the end of her shift. At one point in the night there was a heavily intoxicated tourist that really didn't need another beer. So everytime he asked, the cocktail waitress would give him a redbull LMAO. It was great! Not only are the waitresses gorgeous and precise with orders, but they're smart, too!

The management was decent. The were very commucative with their players there and made sure everyone was treated at satisfactory level. Only thing was when a dealer had an issue he didn't seem to be around.

Comps work as $1 per hour in food credit, about the same as every other casino so nothing special. They had AA cracked jackpots and quads jackpots, but It ends before 3pm and I was there at midnight.

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