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Tor Eckman wrote a review about Bill's in Las Vegas, NV

Depends on time of day

Like the editor's review says, you get what you expect here considering the property. Three tables in average condition but no auto shufflers. It's right next to and open to the rest of the casino so distractions are abound, which is part of the fun playing at Bill's.

The room is completely different during the 11 AM to 2 PM time period when they have a $100 aces cracked and $50 kings cracked promotion and during the evening. In the morning, you have 75% regulars who just plunk down the minimum buy in ($20) or close to the minimum and basically play ABC poker and are just looking to win the $100 or $50 on aces or kings. At night (mostly after 9:00) the tourists start playing but I also noticed that when I played until 3:00 AM, there were about 5 local regulars who were pretty loose and aggressive. I would say easy competition because it seemed like there was a lot of betting on very marginal hands.

Never a mis-deal and the dealers were funny and knew how to keep a game a little lively.

Quick service because the bar is right next door.

Because it's so small, the manager is always right there. Nice that you can cash your poker chips for real money right there at the poker stand.

Don't know about comps. Nice promotion with the aces and kings cracked.

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