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trucker_63601 wrote a review about Bill's in Las Vegas, NV

I didn't tip at Bills

A roped off area beside the sports book, smoking barrier is only the rope, being a smoker myself this didn't bother me, but I'd hate to have been a non smoker trying to cope because there was a lot of Cigarette action going on less than 20 feet away.

I'd say the play at Bills is soft, I laid out a couple bluffs in position got a call a couple times and a continuation bet pushed the V's out of my way. I had a V dominated on my last hand, I pushed with AK from the SB to a mid position limper, he called with A9 for half his stack, I left him with 3 outs 2 times, lo and behold I bubbled on the river.

Dealers were friendly and worked hard to keep the game moving, One dealer AJ? or maybe JK? didn't meet a stranger and was very friendly toward regulars.

(unnamed) put me in a sour mood for the evening 7-11-12. 20 minutes before my tourney a waitress asked if I wanted a drink, I'd paid my entry, I was sitting at a slot seat where I could smoke. After bringing the coffee she tells me that I'd have to be gambling to receive any more free drinks. She was very rude, I tried to explain that I was in the tournament and was just sitting there so I could smoke until they shuffled. She blew me off, that's ok I did the same when it came time to tip. . I understand people skim drinks for little to no play but I stated I was registered to play the poker tourney, showed her the receipt,e wasn't going to make any more or less had I ordered the drink from the card table or the seat where I was smoking.

A player missed a raise made by an earlier seated player, he declared "Call" but only put out the BB, the dealer stated the bet size and the caller tried to remove the BB completely and not call, management was all over it declaring he was obligated to make the call for the raised amount, also that night an out of bounds drunk was being belligerent, making racial statements, yelling at the dealers and staff about a player and about the dealers. Poker room and Casino management had the man removed within 1 minute.

They have comps though I never got involved in their cash games to make it useful.

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