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BeeDub55 wrote a review about Bill's in Las Vegas, NV

Nice little place to play

This really isn't a room, rather two tables roped off at the end of the casino just inside the doors on the Flamingo side. The tables were in decent condition and although they didn't have cup holders in the actual table, they had holders that slid under the rail to hold your drinks. The atmosphere wasn't bad, even with Big Elvis belting away most nights. I liked the fact that it wasn't very smokey, especially since it wasn't in a room by itself.

I found the competition to be somewhat easy. Most people who played at these tables were beginners, but there were a few locals there as well. I made some money playing there, but would advise playing between 11am and 2pm when they have cracked Aces and Kings. They cracked a few times I was there, unfortunately I wasn't on the winning end.

For the most part the dealers were okay. They only have two and they switch every hour or so. One night the dealer was stuck there all night because the other dealer had called off so the table manager had to deal when he took a break. They really didn't make any mistakes while I was there, but we did have to catch them once or twice almost giving the winning to the wrong person.

Nothing to write home about that's for sure. They did come around often, but if you wanted to taste the liqiour, you had to ask for extra in your drinks. They obliged without attitude.

It's one guy who watches over one table, how hard can it be? But he did do a good job with taking down names when the table was full and filling in the empty seats when they were available.

The best in Vegas at $2 per hour. That is unheard of in Vegas. Plus, they have the best steak in their Victoria Room so be sure to get enough comps to cover the meal at a whopping $14.95.

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