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biggsy1969 wrote a review about Bill's in Las Vegas, NV

small / good mix of players

not really a room...more of an area (just inside the door from the Flamingo side). Lots of foot traffic so i imagine there's a lot of gawking. I played here because i was staying at the Flamingo and don't really like their room so I thought I'd give it a go.

Most players I saw bought in for $20 -$40 which made it easy to pick them off when they would go all in with any strong pair. On my second hand a turned a full house and was only able to take the guy for his last $30. If he had more money it would have been all mine. There were two guys there that I stayed away from because i got the feeling they were (a) better than me and (b) completely sober.

Dealers seemed to recognize the type of player (loose, drunk, inexperienced) they were dealing with. I saw no mistakes and they were good about announcing raies, how many players in the pot, etc...)

I can't remember her name, but she was AWESOME! Very pretty blonde, slightly older waitress who brought drinks early and often.

A bit pushy as far as enticing players, but probably worked since many of the players were almost dragged into the game by his salesmanship.

Didn't sign up for the card. Don't know.

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Just OK

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Nice fun game

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