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77mattbob77 wrote a review about Bill's in Las Vegas, NV

Easy pickings

Like everybody else says, it's not a room, just a space. Still, it's not as annoying/loud as O'Shea's.

Wow. I'm not a good player, but even I made money here. A LOT of "limp, call pre-flop raise, and check-fold to c-bets". I even picked up some obvious physical tells; like the player to my left would pick up her cards as soon as she decided to fold, waiting to muck. Any half-way competent home game player can make money here, though don't expect a lot of big pots. A lot of players buying in for like $20.

Dealers were fine, chatty with the regulars. No problem since the regulars were so inept. Mostly people trying to get their aces cracked or those waiting for the low-cost tournament to start.

Not as fast as IP, but not as slow as Bally's or Flamingo. Generally OK service from a bit older waitresses.

Manager seems busy all the time, but very friendly and candid when he thought it'd take awhile to get seated. At one point he had to personally replace the dealer, and he was funny and honest about his limitations as a dealer.

Giving this a 3 though I really don't know. I only played a couple of very short sessions.

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